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So many nice numbers missed as December was a bit of a disaster for riding with work and then being ill for the last 2 weeks. The beginning of 2014 isn’t going much better.

Missed my main target of 240 hours of riding but I’m not complaining as I’ve nearly doubled the amount of riding time compared to the previous 3 years and smashed my record mileage year. The commuting doesn’t add up to much climbing though and I can tell.

Finally replaced the cracked Scott commuter in November for a shiny Kinesis frame. So I can stop worrying about the front end falling off under heavy braking and the incessant creak has gone finally!

2013 numbers

278 rides

2895.19 miles

42265m climbed

273.76 hours out on a bike

231.66 hours moving on a bike

No cyclo cross races

1 MTB race

1 new bike

51 commutes by bike

Weight the lowest it’s been for a long long time.

So to 2014.

Essentially more of the same but I’m aiming at 300 hours and 3600 miles but it’s not a rigid aim. Plans are afoot to add more climbing but it’ll mean leaving work on time (or early) to squeeze in the commondale loop to be back in time for bedtime but gives me 2 double chevron climbs and another 2 decent climbs. Getting out on the MTB more at home will help too.

A few more races would be nice too.


Finished the year off with a fixed MTB ride to ensure the legs aren’t fresh heading into 2013.

I managed my challenge of riding to work once a month. Finally got my act together in November and managing to do it 5 times. January and September were shorter commutes from the car garage but long enough to qualify and a few months were managed at the last possible moment. Plans for December mega commuting were scuppered by ice and work.

The addition of a bike at work for lunchtime rides and errands was a major bonus in August which allowed me to get some time on the bike without having to drag myself out into the darkening skys once the children were in bed.

2012 in Numbers

137 rides

1267.34 miles

26014m climbed

140.94 hours out on a bike

120.98 hours moving on a bike

50% less cyclo cross races

0 new bikes

Enjoying commuting more than anything especially once the nights were drawing in as it doesn’t lead to riding in gloopy soul destroying mud in the dark and get’s riding done by bathtime.

2013 – 240 hours moving time on the bike or back to 2008 which means about 5 hours a week which will mostly have to come from a bigger commitment to commuting, looking forward to it and off to the bike shop this afternoon to see if I can get a pocketable waterproof.


Well we’ve slipped into 2012 in a haze of illness, headaches, runny noses, lack of sleep, weightloss, bad back and no riding over the holidays.

Still the legs will be fresh when I get on a bike. Right?

2011 in Numbers

117 rides

944.53 miles

37430m climbed

156.58 hours out on a bike

121.84 hours moving on a bike

100% more cyclo cross races

Plenty of solo night rides due to the arrival of No 1 son.

1 new bike.

Generally feeling better than last year but lacking power and endurance still which is no real suprise.

So to 2012 what to do…