One year old

Happy, belated, birthday TK3. One year old at the beginning of November and snuck past 1500miles the day before.
Rough Stuff Commute

Bought as an almost straight replacement for the cracked Scott with the majority of parts swapped straight over it was immediately a better bike for the job albeit not as good offroad (although I’d stopped riding that offroad for fear of losing my teeth when it fell apart).

New wheels and tyres sped it up and so far have remained puncture free (it’s damp, windy and cold tomorrow morning on the way to work…) and the 105/Tiagra mix is still shifting adequately after 4000miles use and minimal cleaning.

It’s a lonely bike with 90%+ of use for commuting or utility use, which is what it was bought for, and only 2 rides in that time with other people except for those brief pauses to chat to the ubercommuter.  The commuting and utility use has so far paid for about a fifth of the value of the new parts (we won’t mention commuting clothes) so I’m going to have to get some serious miles in to pay for a new groupset eventually.

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