It’s that time of year again…

… where targets for the year are already lost but others appear. Normally I convince myself to be sensible and carry on doing normal mileage so as not to affect the next year. This always backfires as January is normally poor due to illness, snow and ice etc so this year stupid target ahoy.

The targets were set on 14/11/14 and the current totals were as follows.

2341.5 miles 205.20 hours 47996m climbed

Target is

3000 miles 250 hours 60000m climbed

Now the stupid bit. This involves 2 overall record mileage months and near record time and climbing although my main interest in this exercise is the mileage (the others will pretty much follow). In all that I’m also trying to teach my legs to run which is slowly getting less painful.

So first weekend down and mostly a failure on mileage, I did run around the pump track for 30 minutes, as the fog kept me off the road bike on Saturday and left me riding and slithering above it on the MTB which was ace as I don’t get to do that much in daylight.

Run to the hills

Extending the commute a bit tonight to compensate…

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