Colouring in the North Yorkshire Moors

A daft project I dreamed up for this year (and beyond) was to ride every road within the North Yorkshire Moors boundary. I’ve found an old OS map covering the entire area and pinned it to the wall.

Rules were then needed.

  1. All roads within the green boundary on this map.
  2. Minor streets in the towns and villages don’t need to be covered.
  3. Unmarked but tarmaced roads to be included and sought out where possible but must link with tarmac to a normal road. Not that I’m averse to taking the summer bike offroad but finding a bit of tarmac within a forest just because is taking things a little too far…
  4. Private drives etc to farms not included unless they are a public road.
  5. Start date reset to 1st January 2016.
  6. Highlighter colour to change each year until it’s done.
  7. True madness would require everything to be ridden from my door so I didn’t bother with that but it’s to be encouraged. A different colouring strategy may be implemented to cover for any instances that didn’t involve starting from an overnight stopover.
  8. Dead ends are fun.

As of my 40th birthday (can you see what’s happening) my meagre efforts have resulted in the smallest corner being coloured in.

CNYM 13/03/16


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