Wheelers Hill Climb 3

Round three of the Cleveland Wheelers mini hill climb series and I’m not particularly feeling it tonight. Steady on the flat with the benefit of the tailwind then suffering one cog up from last week.

Bike of choice – GTR

Aero tweeks – Cap worn backwards and no helmet. Legs and head not hairy.

Weight saving – Water bottle off. Saddle bag removed but bottle cages left in position. Tiny rear light fitted.

Tyre pressure – Around 85psi.

Nutritional supplement – A gel at 15 minutes to go.

Weight Change since last year – +1.8lbs

Other – New tyres as the old rear was practically worn out. Now used tyres are supposedly faster so saving them for the Open event.

Weather – Tailwind to start and a headwind on the lower slopes.

Result? – Slower than the week before. Wind was less favourable but not by a lot. Tried to go a bit easier on the flatter bit and push a bigger gear all the way to the top. Didn’t wreck myself in the sprint. I payed for the bigger gear on the initial ramp which left me floundering a bit before the sprint but I was gaining time back on my PB in the middle of the climb.

Bumper entry and slowest of the series so far.

An even longer way to go to get my target time though. Anybody got some silly light wheels…

Strava for the night.

As I didn’t make it to the final 4th round conclusions from this mini series for the open event are – Try a bit harder on the flat bit. As soon as the slope bites drop it to a lower gear I can spin then back up to the larger gear of tonight as it slackens slightly. “Sprint” fromĀ  before wherever I feel I can maintain forward momentum to the finish. Removing the last bit of excess weight and installing the old tyres with my new latex tubes and setting the pressures high.

And a picture of me by Michael Guess
Wheelers Hill Climb 3

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