2016 Hill Climb Season Part 1 – Clay Bank (am)

The main event. My main focus for the year – going sub 7 minutes official race time for this climb.

Bike of choice – GTR

Aero tweeks – Cap worn backwards and no helmet. Legs and head not hairy.

Weight saving – Bottle cages and bolts removed. One latex tube as the other didn’t play well with the old tyre. Worn tyres to save weight and they are faster apparently but I can’t find the link at the moment.

Tyre pressure – 120psi

Nutritional supplement – A gel at 15 minutes to go.

Weight Change since last year – +0.8lbs

Weather – Slight tailwind generally damp road surface.

Photo by Brian Gleeson

Result? – Failure. Not a suprise after the evening series but in reality a big win as I knocked 18 seconds off my PB and 22 seconds off last years time. Wind direction was at it’s optimum but only light. The main difference over last year was I didn’t tail off in the final third of the climb but kept a good cadence in a higher gear and drove at the line to the point of not being able to see straight. Gearing went mostly to plan with a short stint dropping back down a cog to keep the cadence high.

Strava for the morning.

Conclusion – The rather obvious need to be able to push a bigger gear at the same cadence up the main body of the climb :0)

Oh and less weight and more power.

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