Comfortably on target to hit 6000km for the year until I had to stop to sort the house out in November. Again.

I went full Euro in 2016 and converted to Kilometres.

2016 numbers

267 rides

5404.8 km

63147m climbed

340.60 hours out on a bike

260.50 hours moving on a bike

A bit of running.

34 runs

70.7 km

646m climbed

7.54 hours running

2 road races and got spat in both. Maybe something to work on this year. Maybe.

Got on with Veteran XC racing and got hammered at Whinlatter and performed a bit better at Dalby. Missed the next 2 of the series and gave up on it for the year.

Onto the main racing target of the season and Clay Bank Hill Climb. Didn’t hit the target but happy enough with progress. Died a thousand deaths up Carlton in the afternoon including having to track stand behind a car.

Carlton Bank HC 2016 by Darren Moore

Not a lot of Commutes



Sub 8 minutes.

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