Deer Hunting

It might have warmed up but the ground has got sloppier. Had a tyre/mud interface issue last night which was er muddy. But the real highlight was flying down one of the main fireroads in the forest in the dusky light and catching some movement from my left out of the corner of my eye. I instinctivley looked for the dog’s owner but there wasn’t one. Slightly confused and looking again I see it’s a young deer. I hit the brakes (v’s not working great due to the above mud earlier) and slow slightly. The deer is ambling across the fireroad and sees/hears me and starts moving a bit more rapidly. I’m unable to avoid it now and ram it in it’s hind quarters and send it bouling into the ditch at the side of the road. Somehow I manage to hold the bike upright, another ace characteristic of gayer wheels ;0), and come to a stop. The deer is picking itself back up and hops up onto the bank and stands there. It looked a bit shocked but when I approached it it thankfully hopped off into the undergrowth. If it hadn’t have noticed me I’d have either hit it square on and got some rather large bruises and scrapes for my pleasure or I’d have got passed before it got to me.

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