GPS units are bad.

A very late summary of what my GPS made me do last year.

Ferrous : 962.73miles : 45803m climbed : 83 rides
Inbred EBB : 150.25miles 7048m climbed : 14 rides
Steamroller : 175.98miles : 2804m climbed : 12 rides
Rocky (Becs) : 72.28miles : 3352m climbed : 6 rides
Instigator (sold) : 50.67miles : 2528m climbed : 5 rides
Big Hit (sold) : 42.6miles : 2215m climbed : 4 rides
Inbred (sold) : 25.02miles : 1286m climbed : 4 rides
Kobe Ti (Becs) : 23.87miles : 1149m climbed : 2 rides
Dave Yates :15.3miles : 705m climbed : 2 rides
Total : 1518.70miles : 66890m climbed 132 rides

Last year I was purely motivated to see how much climbing I was doing and then in the last couple of months of hitting 1500miles. This year I have a target, 3000 miles and a secondary aim of 100000m of climbing. The second is the most likely to go to pot with our house extension this summer as I may only manage lot’s of fairly flat commuting with only the odd MTB ride. We’ll see.

As of the end of February I’m slightly ahead of schedule having done 329.67miles and 11617m of climbing.


Blimey I managed to hurt a BMX chain on the INbred. Am I hardcore now? Twisted in 2 places. Wonder how I managed that. Might have been a couple of months ago when I didn’t tighten the EBB enough and it slid out sideways during the ride ;0)

Still nice shiny KMC in tomstock so whacked it on and we are good to go tonight.

Bec’s bike is still due a new little chainring but I still haven’t worked up the motivation or time to attack the new Deore ring with a hacksaw and file to remove the annoying tabs that don’t let you use them with HT2 cranksets. Bah!

And Helen’s bike fixed itself while I was poking at it to see why the gears wern’t working. That’s how I like things to happen.

Ooh pancakes tonight. /rubs tummy/

John’s Stag

It all went 1990’s as we revisited Hamsterley to ride some of the trails from NEMBA’s and Hamsterley Hammers. Thankfully it was just as muddy as at home so that wasn’t too bad :0)

Faffed on the new skills loop. Broke a few bikes, rode along the fabled wall section which is now sadly lacking trees but all the roots are still there. After lunch we left John, Peter and Jon on the downhill course to go and find more singletrack.

It’s now becoming a vague tradition that someone other than the stag get’s more broken and more abuse. At mine Joe was the broken one and Gareth got the abuse. I appeared to get both this time. Ho hum.

Karting hurts. Even when you drop out after half an hour as you don’t want to fill your helmet with sick. Best move of the day was John taking out Spencer while he was facing the wrong way.

I’m still a bit queasy 36 hours after stopping drinking.

photos here

Which is the first time I’ve managed to take the new camera, cheers Matt, outside for more than 5 minutes.