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A weekend

I managed to do half of what I intended and some that I didn’t. Only got out on one ride late on sunday afternoon.

I did get the ferrous back on the road though albeit with the enourmous gear (54.8″ against the usual 49.1″ winter gear) still attached after I found that both the front and rear Pauls hubs were seized. That’s the first time I’ve taken sealed bearings apart and I really should be more careful taking the seals off ;0) Repacked the front one and left the Surly wheel on the bike. Rear bearing has been cleaned and after about ten minutes I got the bearing spinning again but I need to purchase some new bearings.

We also managed to remove a load of stuff from the spare bedroom and get rid of some unwanted clothes and tat in anticipation of the spare bedroom disappearing in the summer. This was tagged onto moving stuff like CD’s out of the front room as I’m ripping the fireplace out next weekend (mucho soot etc). Syphoned (yack) the water out of the cyclinder and drained the boiler in the fire with the help of Bec’s dad (actual plumber unlike me). If he’d have been there earlier I wouldn’t have had to syphon the cylinder as he had an adaptor to fit on one of the radiator legs. Doh! At least it means I won’t get soaked/soak the living room next week. The new stove is likely to look like this.

That’ll be in by winter ;0)

Got to try out my new camera bag too on my ride, A Lowe Pro Toploader. That contributed to me taking 183 photos on a 1 1/2 hour ride :0/ I need to remember to take an extra top with me next time as it get’s a bit chilly. Chest harness is ok but does not take up the slack enough at the top of the bag so it dangles too much. I might try it upside down (unless I already am) or get some extra strappy things to attach it to my rucksack as well as that’s how I bodged it on the ride.